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Shimla Indian Cuisine - Eastbourne

Welcome to shimla, a place of wonderful wealth of meaning, it represents taste, flavour, affections, pleasure, delight,happiness, charm,sentiment , beauty, and essence. When people ask, what is Indian food; it is a question that has no easy answer. The reason being, Indian food is influenced with tons of flavours and components belonging to different regions. Each region has its own derivation of staple cuisine.


Our catering knowledge dates back to over two decades. Our aim is to provide a fully contemporary and modern ambiance yet with the authenticity. Our main objectives are to wet your appetite with a mouth- watering range of succulent dishes and to provide you with the highest quality of service that will bring you back time and time again.


Our menu embraces from mild to spicy, the creamy to the piquant, catering for all taste buds and with your health in mind. Whatever your choice, our menu offers the most delicious and fresh ingredients, ranges from the world of complex cooking. 

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