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  • Chettinad 🌶️
    Derived from south Indian region, a distinctive culinary style with judicious blend of spices is known As Chettinad cooking. fairly hot by using dry chillies.
  • Goan 🌶️
    Balanced combinations of spice with peppers, lime, ginger, fresh chillies. A creatively delicious fairly hot and slight dry textured dish
  • Nilgiri
    Very unique flavoured dish with cashew, coriander, mint leaf and hint of lime yet a mild and slight sweet dish with full of aroma.
  • Shaa-kooti
    Is the quintessential Goan curry. It is a rich delicious blend of spices and roast coconut, aniseed, javentri, fenu-greek seed and chillies. Although the origins of this recipe are Portuguese in nature, the dish is completely Goan in taste and flavours.
  • Tava
    A north Indian flavour, with coriander, garlic, ginger, chillie, pepper, onion mixed in to a fine smooth green herbed sauce.