Our Menus

  • Chicken Manchoori
    Grilled chicken cut to mini size,simmered with garlic, ginger methi with a exotic herbs with fairly hot strength in mind.
  • Gosht e Mahan
    Soft lamb with garlic, ginger cooked in a soft spice of Kashmir slight sweet in taste with butternut squash.
  • Madhu Chicken
    With Mango, Honey, almond mild rich creamy/very sweet dish.
  • Shifa`s Chilli Murgh
    A unique blend of tamarind and lime with green chillies, peppers in an exotic flavour of Bengal the strength is fairly hot.
  • The tropical Balti
    Chicken, prawns, spinach in most exotic mix of spice hint of lime and dark rum, a truly Tropicana flavour in medium hot sauce
  • Farhana`s special (signature dish)
    Finely sliced chicken breast in a unique green based sauce in a medium in strength, A truly exclusive flavour to Shimla's kitchen.
  • Jill’s Chicken Khozi (signature dish)
    Delicately spiced with sliced ginger, peppers, onions, with roasted garam masala a moisten dish with medium in strength.(If you like bhuna, karai you love this).
  • Murgh Hyderabadhi
    A complex dish, prime chicken breast marinade in garlic and ginger stuffed with chicken mince which herbed with seeds & dry herbs and grilled, cooked in a dark rich slightly hot goan spice.
  • Murgh Muntaz
    A complex dish, prime chicken breast marinade in garlic and ginger stuffed with chicken mince which herbed with seeds and dry herbs and grilled, covered with a rich creamy garlic sauce. If you like masala you love this.
  • Murgh shaslick Masaleder
    Cubes of prime chicken Marinade in exotic spice and grilled with tomato, pepper, onion then cooked in a hot fiery. Assam chillie sauce with hint of lime and red wine truly exotic dish.
  • Murghi Massala special
    Barbecued chicken shredded off the bone and minced lamb cooked in a Bhuna style sauce with hardboiled egg.
  • Panir Khozi Bhuna
    Cubes of curd cheese slightly dressed and grilled and then cooked with peppers, onions, ginger hint of lime in a moist medium sauce.
  • Shimla Masala specials
    Barbecued chicken shredded of the bone with lamb kebab cooked in a rich medium creamy sauce and garnish with chopped katchumber salad.
  • Lamb Hyderabadhi
    Lamb chops carefully mixed in spice and cooked in a Bhuna style rich dark sauce in a medium spice.
  • Sams House Biryani
    Lightly dressed with herbs chicken on the bone and grilled, then shredded of the bone and cooked with basmati rice with a home based ingredient to its perfection, accompanied with turka Dall.